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Women Storytelling
Working Group Members

Yangchin Musabi

I’m Yangchin Musabi, an independent illustrator from Rupa, Arunachal Pradesh. Women in many areas of Arunachal Pradesh continue to be overlooked, their narratives often sidelined and undocumented. Our project seeks to amplify the voices of these women, shedding light on their experiences and stories. By doing so, I aim not only to honor their contributions but also to inspire future generations to step forward, share their own stories, and pursue their passions with conviction.

Manisha Kumari

Hi, I am Manisha from Jharkhand. I have been working in north-east India, mostly Arunachal Pradesh, since 2017. I believe women are a storehouse of traditional ecological knowledge, and their stories are often overlooked and ignored. I want to bring their stories to inspire the younger generation to dream and be eco- warriors like the women around us. And that’s perhaps my biggest motivation for being here.

Sara Khongsai

My name is Sara Khongsai. I am a Documentary Filmmaker and an alumni of Green Hub. My work is focused on biodiversity and cultural conservation. I started working in this line of work after I became part of the Green Hub fellowship. The aim of the women storytelling project is to document the contribution of women to environmental conservation, which I feel is related to what I have been working on. So that is what got me interested in being part of this project.

Chajo Lowang

I am Chajo Lowang from Borduria Village in Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh. I belong to the Nocte tribe. I am a photographer and Documentary Filmmaker. I started freelance photography in 2018 and I joined the Green Hub in 2019. I have been working in biodiversity and culture conservation since then. I became part of the Women Storytelling Project because the aim and objectives of the project is similar to what I am working for.

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