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Network Weaving:

We welcome artists, scientists, grassroots practitioners who want to incubate new ideas, find a mentor, and take responsibility to build innovation and ground-up partnerships towards building a biodiversity-friendly world at the intersection of science, art and action.

Network Weavers can create their own nodes towards making an inclusive community that can come together to achieve common goals or lead independent or common projects based on their interests.

We also welcome breaks when needed, thereby bringing unique perspectives, periods of rest, and high energy to the space

Our aim is to build a space where every member is an intentional, independent and integral part of Canopy Collective.

Ground-up partnerships and grounded theory: 

We place strong emphasis on distributed leadership and grounded partnerships.

We recognize and accept the humanness of our ecosystem and strive for engagement, within and outside of the ecosystem, with compassion, integrity, and respect and seek to create frameworks rooted in ethical conservation.

Socially Regenerative:

When working across disciplines/themes, we recognize that biodiversity conservation is equally a call to action that involves transdisciplinary partnerships.

More importantly, with diverse groups of people, we want to intentionally hold the realities of pluralism and diversity in our work.

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