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Grow Plant Love Development Exercise November 5th - 7th, 2023, Pakke Tiger Reserve, Seijosa


The workshop aimed to create an immersion for the "Grow Plant Love" project, fostering appreciation for plants through interactive and artistic experiences. Our larger project aims to address Plant Awareness Disparity (PAD) by fostering an empathetic relationship with plants. The goal is to bridge the gap in existing plant education resources by focusing not only on “information” but also on “feelings” and encouraging a sense of "companionship" with plants. This, ultimately, contributes to plant conservation efforts in the Global South.

Partners: This field immersion was a collaboration with botanists, educators, and researchers to develop a comprehensive workbook that includes activities, lessons, and resources for educators. Attendees: Anisha Mandal, Bibishananda Basu, Nandini Velho, Salil Subedi, Shradha Rathod, Trisha DS, Sanchaya Sharma.

What we did

  • Silhouette exercise during dusk involved drawing creative interpretations of tree silhouettes.

  •  Letting Loose: Overcoming the fear of a blank page by drawing motives in repeat patterns, switching hands mid-way to enhance creativity.

  • Speed Drawing Exercise: Participants chose a part of a plant from the forest and drew it in 30 seconds, 90 seconds, and 3 minutes. Emphasis on capturing details quickly, useful for nature journaling.

  • Guided walk through the Pakke Tiger Reserve by botanist Bibishanda Basu, learning about various plant species, including the Chinese hat tree and Gnetum, a primitive plant.



  • Successful implementation of diverse artistic and interactive activities.

  • Compilation of personal stories and experiences.

  •  Enhanced creativity and confidence in art among participants.

  • Deepened appreciation for plant diversity.

  • Compiled a document with sections on plant facts, illustrations, interactive materials, and personal stories.

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