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An online and in-person cyborg platform where we gather to blabber about ecology and conservation, other exciting topics from the bridges between art and science, or cool livelihood initiatives.


We envision this as a series of talks, reading circles, paper discussions, and hands-on journaling sessions that happen once every two weeks - not too frequent that it becomes a regular tiring chore, not too infrequent that you forget about its existence entirely.

The motivation behind this endeavour is to jolt our brains out of slumber and encourage ourselves to start thinking and discussing things within and beyond the knowledge niches that most of us work in. We also encourage everyone to volunteer to coordinate talks and give suggestions regarding people whom you can reach out to directly and/or we should reach out to give talks.


Suggestions and leading the reading club sessions, papers for discussions are welcome - every topic under the broad subjects we mentioned, from your personal work to cool new hypotheses emerging in ecology, new art projects or examples of what not to do in conservation can all be part of our small talk in blah blah blah.

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Would you be interested in giving a talk? If yes, we will contact you by email.
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