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Canopy Collective has more than 20 members from 7 different institutions working in four different field sites including the Green Hub Youth4Forest sites with the Green Hub wildlife filmmaking and responsible tourism fellows and their communities. Across projects, our members and collaborators are helping forest departments and communities to create Knowledge-based Interpretation Centres, training practitioners and researchers to translate their research into action by working with designers, storytellers and other stakeholders, where the focus areas are human-wildlife interactions, regenerative practices, conservation practice, and nurturing the art-science-design interface for wildlife research and conservation. Canopy Collective will be one of the first in the region (and possibly the country) to work at this intersection.


Our Proposed Outcomes:


  1. To enable programmatic engagement of developing educational modules on wildlife conservation for schools, community educators across north-east India.

  2.  To explore cutting edge science and story-telling techniques using music, soundscapes and story-telling to bridge the gap between science and society.

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Elephant Conservation

Nature Education

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Women Storytellers

Grow Plant Love

One Health

Primate Relationships

Creative Commons Assam

Freshwater Research and Conservation

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