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Nature Education

Canopy Collective’s Nature Education Working Group is a space for collaboration, sharing ideas and resources, and the documentation of active projects related to nature education in Northeast India. Our current focus is on building capacity at the site-level across our network, the creation of educational resources that can be contextualised in the Northeast, and bringing together teams and individuals implementing education projects across the region through a collaborative network. The working group serves as a space for individuals involved in different projects to find a common space for sharing, learning, and documenting ideas and updates.


Current Projects

Changlangshu Place-based Education Project

A seed project under Canopy Collective and associated with Green Hub that aims to establish a locally led nature education program in Changlangshu village of Mon district, Nagaland that is based on place-values and local ways of learning, in collaboration with the Biodiversity Management Committee of the village.


Green School Gobuk

A nature education program initiated by Joyshree Gogoi, Tahaj Hussain, and Apping Libang, previously Responsible Tourism fellows at Green Hub in Gobuk, Arunachal Pradesh, Green School is hosted within the Government Primary School in Gobuk where 22 students have been enrolled so far. Moving forward, the Green School team will collaborate with Canopy Collective to design the “Super Meimei” program to train women from the local SHGs to conduct Green School nature learning sessions.


Nature Educators’ Network in NE India

With support from Wipro Earthian, we will host and coordinate an idea-incubation circle of nature educators in the Northeast to co-facilitate interactive sessions and discussions between nature educators to incubate ideas, share resources and inspiration, document efforts, and co-produce shareable material.


Workshop for Nature Educators

With a successful first iteration of the workshop for nature educators co-organised by Nature Conservation Foundation and Canopy Collective and facilitated by Dr Pranav Trivedi and Sangeetha Trivedi, NCF and CC will be collaborating again to organise a second iteration of this workshop with the central aim of co-creating activities to produce a booklet. Read more about the first workshop held in October 2023.


Members: Nayantara Siruguri (Coordinator), Joyshree Gogoi, Tahaj Hussain, Eangba Konyak, Angki Konyak, Leyan Monyu, Dr. Nandini Velho

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