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How to Think Like an Ant

 Why? The design of this workshop aimed to provide participants, with backgrounds in both design and conservation/biology, a fresh perspective on complex systems by understanding and appreciating the intricate systems and strategies of ants. The goal was to draw parallels between ant behavior and systemic issues in the present world, fostering insights into collective action, organization, and problem-solving.

  • Recognized the need for a workshop exploring nature's solutions to complex challenges through the lens of ant behavior.

  • Identified the diverse perspectives and insights of participants with different backgrounds.

  • Lack of exposure to alternative perspectives on complex systems and problem-solving.

Partners: PhD student Pranav Balasubramanium and designer Tejaswini Nagesh conducted a workshop on How to think like an ant at SSCS Bangalore and RSD12 at National Institute of Design in October 2023.

What we did:

  •  Conducted interactive activities emulating ant behavior to provide participants with a fresh perspective on complex systems.

  • Explored ant systems, organizational structures, and functioning.

  • Encouraged discussions and insights from participants with different backgrounds.


  • Increased understanding and appreciation of ant systems and strategies.

  • Exposure to a fresh perspective on complex systems through hands-on activities.

  • Successfully engaged participants from diverse backgrounds, both in design and conservation/biology.

  • Achieved positive interaction and insights from participants in both SSCS Bangalore and RSD12 at the National Institute of Design.

  •  The next part involves developing this workshop for multiple places and sites, including Living Labs and executing a formal release of this creative collaboration. 

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