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Workshop: Decoding Nature Education 27th to 31st October 2023


The workshop aimed to provide support and training to practitioners from site-specific and grassroots initiatives across the Northeast region, focusing on theories and processes in nature education. The goal was to equip participants with knowledge and skills to scale up nature education projects in diverse sites.


Facilitated by nature educator and wildlife researcher Dr Pranav Trivedi with help from Sangeetha Trivedi, the workshop aimed at familiarising participants with the history and scope of nature education, communication strategies, structuring and designing programs, good practices, and providing opportunities for them to design immersive nature education activities within the rich and spectacular natural ecosystems of Pakke Tiger Reserve. This workshop was organised by Nature Conservation Foundation’s Eastern Himalayas program in collaboration with Canopy Collective at Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh. Included practitioners, researchers, teachers, and individuals associated with Green Hub alumni, Sanctuary Asia’s Mud on the Boots fellows, NCF in Arunachal Pradesh, and teams working with Canopy Collective. People involved from the Canopy Collective & Green Hub network: Organising Team: Saniya Chaplod (Nature Conservation Foundation), Nayantara Siruguri & Nandini Velho Participants: Angki M Konyak, Apping Libang, Aringle Heikha, Chamru Bediya, Dina Brah, Eangba Konyak, Hiareungambe Hingleu, Joyshree Gogoi, Manoj Gogoi, Neyi Jamoh, Saddam Husain Lodha, Sahebram Bediya, Salil Subedi, Sanjay Engti, Serlibon Timungpi, Tahaj Hussain, Thangsoi M Khiumniungan, Trailokya Koch.

What we did

  • A  residential workshop with a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions with an emphasis on hands-on learning and practice.

  • From 27th to 31st October 2023 conservation practitioners and educators participated in an interactive and immersive workshop on planning, designing, and conducting nature education programs.

  • Participants worked in teams to generate and share ideas for nature learning.


  • There was a recognized need for enhanced training in nature education theories and processes.

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in nature education theories and processes.

  • Creation of a collaborative and supportive network among participants.

  • Exceeded expectations in fostering collaboration, sharing, and co-learning.

  • Qualitatively, the workshop created a space of sharing, trusting, co-learning, solidarity, and collaboration.

  • Participants, including practitioners and Green Hub alumni, are working with Canopy Collective's conservation education program coordinator to integrate the workshop's ideas into ongoing projects such as the Green School in Gobuk, the place-based nature education program in Changlangshu, and other sites across the region.

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